Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin---A Must Eat!

Hello and Happy New Year....yes I know. A little late, but better late than never. A lot has taken place since the last blog and now I am back. But while I was on maternity leave, yes I had a little bambino, Josiah, I had the opportunity to visit a restaurant on a visit back to FL for a very unexpected occasion.

It is a must, that if you are in the Miami area and are in need of some good vegan/vgetarian cuisine, visit! Your taste buds will truly be blessed by the delicious items you purchase. I ordered the special that day and let me tell you, my taste buds were salivating. My lifelong friend, Roxanne, took me there and we had a blast!

I am usually skeptical about vegetarian restaurants, but this one had all the ingredients blended that was infused through out the entire meal. My order consisted of seasoned Quinoa, Vegetarian Mock Stew Fish, black bean stew, Veggie Chunks and salad.......salivating as I write this blog. The drink was refreshing and tasty too. I had the Strawberry, pineapple, ginger drink......divine.
Roxanne and I completed our meal with a slather, ok a chunk or Vegan Red Velvet cake. I could not believe it was so good! Might I add that I am not a fan of Red Velvet cake. It was very moist and light, not dense as some vegan cakes can turn out. The whole meal was something out of this world!

I take my hat off to Mr.Hakin for such a wonderful establishment. Again, this is a must eat. Please dine at Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin, North Miami, Florida!

This has been a first restaurant critique by Tasty Eden Treats. Enjoy!


  1. Great post! I'm coming to visit my mom in Miami next week, and for sure we'll come and try it!
    Thanks :)


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