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Kalpana's Spicy Humus

Kalpana's Spicy Humus 
by Kalpana H.

What is humus made from? It is made from chick pea or channa according to where you are from. Do you love humus but want to make your own and don't know how? Well here is an easy recipe a fellow island mama shared with me and she gave me permission to share with my readers. I love humus and we use it on our sandwiches and recently started to put on our salad instead of dressing! Even my little six year old son loves humus and eats it on his salad as well. It has turned up our salad on another level! So why not try this easy tasty recipe.

Ingredients There are no exact measurements sorry! I estimated the ingredients  based on the flavor I want! The pics below show the amount I used today! JalapenoCilantro1/2 cup uncooked chick peas - soaked overnight and pressure cooked.GarlicSalt to tasteJuice of one lime1/4 cup / 1/3 cup olive oil
Directions: JalapeƱo and garlic are roasted for about 3 minutes to enhance flavors and also making it easier to ble…

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